If you surrender to the wind, you can ride it.

been wanting to tell myself to update this dead blog for countless times but apparently i couldn’t master the strengths of my fingers to type,until now.

went Melbourne to find my dad who has been working there since i was young.kinda half holiday to be exact.

the town where we stayed.

at the waterfalls somewhere near Yaaram.

this photo will be anchored at the back of my brain.


never regretted going to this Fauna Park.it has everything Australia wildlife has to offer.from the ever jumpy Kangaroos who loves jumping suddenly out of roads while driving,to the fierce Tasmanian devils, to the ever slow wombat.Mad cute! not to forget the Koala bears!

wished i could bring 1 back home.

at the city of Melbourne

after a week of stay at Melbourne, we hopped on to a charted flight to Sydney where my uncle and his wife resides.My baby cousin is mad cute i tell ya.

with my uncle

been there, dont that,been to Opera House once in my life.

apparently he knows how to read my palm and said with his old and rough voice,”somebody is waiting for you back in your homeland.” his is so right.

my newborn cousin Huiying,chio right?

at the blue mountains, where the legendary 3 sisters are. basically its 3 rock monuments shaped like a human being overlooking the mountain range.Many legends concerning it.

much more pictures on my Facebook account.those that know we probably seen it decades ago.

gonna go back Aussie sometime soon i guess,beautiful country!

the next post will be soon,soon,very soon!

be assured!


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Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow

finally its the end of a chapter in my life.this post is to delicate to all those that were with me to see me through this journey.

to my girlfriend Karen for all the care and concern she showered me.not forgetting all the crazy laughs we always have.

to all my brothers whom i made during my journey.too many to mention.only we know how much we suffered together.i can confidently say we will be friends for life.

3 most important person in my life.

my enemy WANTING!always remember KARMA HAHA!

Shu Hui! my boyfriend!HAHA!really went through my journey with me.cheered me up when i am down,celebrated with me when i am happy.would not make it without you.

and chris,thanks for coming on every parade i had,great having you around.

Ronnie AKA horse!for being there to teach me and guide me to everything.

how could i have missed you out?my sweet and loving partner i have.its time for me to take care of you now.

my dearest Mum who washed my clothes,sew my clothes and did everything i needed help with.seriously words can describe how much i own her.sometimes i feel i am useless,not being able to do everything i can to repay back.but i will try my best.

my one and only Dad.our family sole bread-winner since i was young.seldom see him but no matter what,he will always call home to check on us.flew back from Aussie just for this parade.really touched.its now my turn to fly to Aussie to find you.and me to work hard,earn more money so he could retire earlier.

be sure,i will make life better and happier for both of them when i earn big money.watch me.

just to name some,Hisam for his leadership and guidance when the going get tough.

take care on your ship LIM ZHAN HONG!

Nic,erm i mean Teck Wee!

KAREN!lets work hard,mould a future together!

if i gonna thank everyone i think my post would take 1234561273130910441 pages.simply too much,those that i left out please pardon me ok?and JOANNE TANG buddy!u think i forget you right!don’t have take picture with you on the parade lah because u didn’t come!u thought i forgotten you right haha!

P.S new chapter,begins

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I am told to just be myself, but as much as I have practiced the impression, I am still no good at it.

crappiest bunch of friends i have from poly HAHA!

i just realised my secondary sch and polytechnic life are all damn sad.

as in my love life is screwed back then HA!

but that doesn’t mean now’s good.

but i have a bunch of brothers i made from NS,what more can i ask more?

if,i must empathize on the word if,if i get married one day,most of them will be my best man.serious!

P.S:walk with me will you?

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The past is strapped to our backs. We do not have to see it; we can always feel it.

ok i know i start every post with a “234567890 days since i blog”
but screw it lah i gonna say it again!

its been…..

cant upload lots of photos because of you know…

best buddy since BMT

classic photo!when a freaking torn pierced right through my ear,he was the one that removed the splitters.

lots of stuff happen..

gonna ORD soon,but why am i not happy?

P.S: i think i tried too hard,like seriously

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picture shows a thousand words.


fellow brother!!!

open up!!!!!

HAHA!like small kid!


chiong sua bro!!!

waiting for your wedding invitation!!!

miss you peeps!
see all of you in a months time,i hope.

P.S : you know what hurts the most?its been so close and having so much to say,but i see you walk away.

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d-day is nearing

as the day gets closer,i know tough days is getting more then nearer.

but i know i have friends back in sg who care,that’s gonna motivate me when i am away.

at the same time its gonna be so hard leaving.

but i will be,back.

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when the world came falling down on me

i just realized i have not update my so-called blog for like 1234564624809564698 years!

back for only a few days,seriously spent too little time with my Dad.i wish he could work in sg.

the one who washed my clothes,cleaned my room since 1988.

can we?

so gonna miss you guys when i go Thailand.

yes u saw it correctly,Thailand,AGAIN!!!!!!!

haven’t been well these pass few days.
i don’t know why but i feel sucky.
i have no unhappy moments but i don’t feel happy
wtf is wrong with this emo kid!

P.S : do i really need to spell everything out to you to let you know?

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