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i want my own TV show

tonight’s post will be so ball-ly~

Fabby gonna have his own TV Show!


find out more about it here or here.

OMG i am so excited i wish i could fly all the way to UK to attend his show. check out both videos too,the 2nd one is damn hilarious.


tonight’s the night! CHELSEA VS LIVERPOOL! will riise score a goal?


i hope he will celebrate,i wonder why he didn’t celebrate last leg when he scored.Hmmmmm.



April 30, 2008 at 3:49 pm 3 comments

588 Joga

MUAHAHAHAHAHA~ i was surfing Youtube when i stumbled across our very own “588 Joga” Video!Ireally laughed throughout the video especially the last part when Jian Ming’s lost face was priceless.

took this video around the world cup period,and when the basketball court was just painted. we felt bored and decided to film a short video of us doing some freestyle soccer. we suck seriously in soccer at that time and its up to you to decide whether the whole process was taken in one short or in segments =)

cant expect much from a LG chocolate. Colin did an awesome job on the video editing and we helped ah black train his passes by asking him to throw the ball up when it drops down. a Malay couple was doing some Hanky-panky stuff which we don’t even want to look, you should know why. promise part 2 will come with improved skills,camera and effects.stay tuned!

i saw a news in hardwarezone saying:

“Police probe Ronaldo-transvestite incident”

in my heart i was laughing myself off, Cristiano Ronaldo so handsome why must find some “past penis,now vagina” girls? i click on the link.

WTH is the fat ronaldo!


he was injured,but then still can have orgy? maybe he keng!maybe they love his bucks-bunny tooth!

off to watch AH PAO!damn funny show! tata~

April 29, 2008 at 3:57 pm 2 comments


from today onwards no more u,tml,wif,bball. i wan to type in proper english!

today me and babe when to have our standard once-a-week Yoshinoya with extra sauce outing before going down to yishun central to get my hamster and rabbit sawdust and treats.

nothing particular caught my eyes except some white faced Roborovski hamsters darting around like its their house was on fire when touched, and one particular breed call “Molted Dwarf”. we were like “wtf is this breed? molted? as in they are cross breed?” the hamster was super cute, doing some somersaults on its own. i managed to took a video of it!

very funny leh this hamster~


S’pore to launch Southeast Asia’s first toy and comic convention

click the above link to find out more.i know its a little slow but i can’t wait for this event!


Cesc Fabregas was named as the PFA Young Player of the Year at a star-studded ceremony at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel on Sunday night. YIPEE!! Ronalo won the PFA award though,fair play to him.

PFA Premier League Team of the Year: David James (Portsmouth), Bacary Sagna (Arsenal), Rio Ferdinand (Man Utd), Nemanja Vidic (Man Utd), Gael Clichy (Arsenal), Steven Gerrard (Liverpool), Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal), Cristiano Ronaldo (Man Utd), Ashley Young (Aston Villa), Emmanuel Adebayor (Arsenal), Fernando Torres (Liverpool).

its confirmed that Arsenal has the 2 best right/eft back in BPL whereases ManU got the best central defenders in BPL. something i noticed was Chelsea didn’t even have a single player named.wierd.

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phew,just finished watching “I Am Legend” DVD which my mum bought. PLEASE SAY HELLO TO ME~

today gunpla course was interrupted by some unforeseen circumstances, but mentor will be allocating time back to us again. SMOS, a singapore modelling society is going to be set up soon with me being a BOD~M workshop is gonna get tied down to us and sponsor us on some materials. will be in charge of any modelling events held in Singapore and may even fly to Japan once a year! will update you guys in time to come.


Update 2

just a update on my cockpit. used pla-plate to raise the parts higher. i still planning how to add in cables or use runners and melt them to form a cable.


Keroro Robo Set Plus Keron Army’s Factory

hooted this from uncle Steven at the workshop,37 bucks. due to the unpopular Animation series but popular movie series (i dun understand the logic behind this), Singapore stopped the importation of Keroro kits, but luckily me i spotted this a week ago and snapped it up.

Keroro Runner

a piece of runner like this is actually a Keroro Robo.

Keroro Robo

from : HLJ

damn crony feeling, its cute too.will built this with my girl when i get my Airbursh and compressor at home.guys, pls look forward to it, u can never imagine Alicia doing Gunpla~


just to share something cool with you all:

Free Lobang~

i just received my free trail of Listerine today, i signed up for my father,mother and “BROTHER”. to those tat know me should know  how in the hell i got a brother.simple, to get another small pathetic bottle of mint to wash my stinky mouth. Sign up here.

ok i feel so sick now,i spent so much time blogging tat i overshot the time i promised my girl to sleep. SORRY! i off to sleep now ok? BYE~

April 27, 2008 at 3:25 pm 4 comments


oh my, oh my~

my kyrios cockpit mod progress has been so slow, i really need to chiong now.

Cockpit Mod

i still can think of ways to put my koto parts,so use bluetac see nice anot first. my wire seems so fake,i need to sand it to give it more detail.

My Table

this table is considered clean for a modeller,i hope i can be a pro so my table can be more messy in the future =)

i got to get back to my gunpla,i have lessons tml~! i still need time to watch Sex Is Zero 2.

Cinema Poster

super amusing along with some sexua scenes,a must watch for freaks out there!

btw chelsea won manu WOOHOO~

PS: I Love MOMO~!~!~!

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ok i am duper tired tat i cant run 5 rounds around the estate,its tat i fooking climbed my block 5 times! 14 floors X 2 X 5 = 140. TATS 140 SETS OF STAIRS! oh my i can feel my leg tightening up now. maybe i will give tml’s basketball a miss.

heres a lobang for you guys here:


Ben and Jerry’s Singapore is going out free cone ice-creams! so for all those milk and cream lovers head down to participating outlets for yr free treat!its on a Tuesday because i think its in conjunction with some charitable organization.

more details over here

talking about ice cream, my “Icicle Creator” i bought from Daiso was used.these pics rotted in my pathetic 60GB HD for months. just normal grape syrup from those 1 dollar shop and put into freezer for 1 day.



nothing beats coming home after sports and sucking this shit in yr mother scolded me for being “Gi-Na”. ice cream 20 year old cannot eat?

tml gonna draw some panel lines,do some touch-up and get ready my Kyrios for sunday’s internal air-brushing, oh man i feel so excited!

April 24, 2008 at 2:35 pm 3 comments

ashburton grove

i forgot to on the AC power when i crawled to my lappy in the morning today.was duper tired after yesterday’s soccer match.damn u riise i was seconds away from winning by bet.seriously suay to the max. as a result of no ac power, my lappy hibernated when my FM08 was saving,when i tried to load the game it says save file corrupted,great,how great.

i could say 21345678 times I Love You to my girl when she bought me this:

Arsenal Mug

Arsenal Mug

7 bucks from pasar malam~ MUAHAHAHAHAHA~ its gonna be my coffee mug in the morning already,thanks alot dear.

in japan, Macdonald’s has a new gimmick,THE MACWARP!


From: Macdonald’s Japan Website

anybody feels the same way as me? it looks just like a Chicken Foldover tat is on a diet for 2 months. the only thing tat attracted me was the cheese patty sandwiched in mayonnaise please. maybe singapore will have it maybe they wont.


if i am not wrong this woman here is the spokesperson for Macdonald’s japan, maybe if singapore employed felicia chin or fiona xie i will patronize there more often.

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