its not over

April 21, 2008 at 3:34 pm Leave a comment

daughtry’s Its Not Over has been ringing my ears for the past few days.mp3 player on repeat mode makes me forget tats its khatib instead of yishun and i missed the stop.

practically doing the same thing everyday,ball at night or running around the estate.i wished i could her in her sec sch studies just sucks until cannot suck,bad until cannot bad.somestimes i do feel guilty of not doing the best i can for her.wat i can do is to spent more time with her as much as i can afford to when i have hair and my tummy is bubbly.

now i have a uphill task of burning cds of a taiwan drama “My Best Pals”, can anyone tell me the girl Joyce izzit linda liao? can find who acted in tat role.

Burn Burn Burn~

went to get them in the afternoon with colin and jianming to hoot some cds.i think i will burn at a rate of 2 disc per day if not my writer would die on me.


do i look like a emo kid? pple used to thought i had severe depression or emo when they first saw me including my girl.kinda agree to this just tat the messenger bag seems a little untrue,the hair makes it so hair.

contacted wordpress on issues regarding my blogstats,something seems very wrong.

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bye hair,hi air 7th Heaven

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