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April 23, 2008 at 3:43 pm Leave a comment

i forgot to on the AC power when i crawled to my lappy in the morning today.was duper tired after yesterday’s soccer match.damn u riise i was seconds away from winning by bet.seriously suay to the max. as a result of no ac power, my lappy hibernated when my FM08 was saving,when i tried to load the game it says save file corrupted,great,how great.

i could say 21345678 times I Love You to my girl when she bought me this:

Arsenal Mug

Arsenal Mug

7 bucks from pasar malam~ MUAHAHAHAHAHA~ its gonna be my coffee mug in the morning already,thanks alot dear.

in japan, Macdonald’s has a new gimmick,THE MACWARP!


From: Macdonald’s Japan Website

anybody feels the same way as me? it looks just like a Chicken Foldover tat is on a diet for 2 months. the only thing tat attracted me was the cheese patty sandwiched in mayonnaise please. maybe singapore will have it maybe they wont.


if i am not wrong this woman here is the spokesperson for Macdonald’s japan, maybe if singapore employed felicia chin or fiona xie i will patronize there more often.

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