its the end

May 22, 2008 at 5:30 am Leave a comment

its 21st may,the day we have been waiting for for 3 years.GRADUATION!

serial number : 197. as expected my surname means that i am the last few to be on stage.

my gay partner for the 3 years,Rayson AKA Kam

me,rayson and fadhil.

we came in together.but sadly some of us couldn’t graduate together,some had their problems some when MIA just like that.but i am glad most of us graduated together!

we love each other

guest of honour mr Joseph

Ganesh! super funny guy

i thought sammy told me to close my eyes,and so i did~

me and yvonne,my one-block-away neighbour cum classmate

savoring every last moment of crap together

gladys,my attachment mate

why am i always the one lifting the cert book?

my attachment company is wrong! but Adrian see told me its ok one because this certificate doesn’t really help much in the future.

this feeling cannot be explained.i am both happy and sad.i will miss the time we meet up for school early in the morning,tapping each other’s admin card during lectures.eating South canteen’s YTF or North canteen’s roti prata with watermelon juice together.but our favourite is still Koufu’s Egg =).not forgetting Mac which took ages to queue and Grinning Gecko which we took 2 years to appreciate before trying for the first time.

supper after nightclass was the best moment i enjoyed.yishun’s S-11was our usual hangout. playing around in the toilet during nightclass was fun.though we usually end up with a few dudes or babes getting drenched with water spraying.playing soccer and basketball during our FYP periods was damn tense,we had to look our for our supervisors.

i promise the moments of joy and disappointments will always stay in my heart.lets hang out 1 week later after we returned our graduation suits.damn my case for the suit broke,not sure whether if i need to pay.sorry if i didn’t join you guys yesterday after the ceremony,i felt weak and feverish,probably the lack of sleep and the super hot weather plus the super thick suit.Alicia bought for me the 3-Legs cooling water and i felt better,thanks alot baby!

i here wish to all my friends all the best in whatever u do.for the boys,work hard in NS! remember to use condom the correct way,not filling them with water and throw one another.for the girls,work hard in university,please go for lectures,no more tapping of cards.for those that are working,remember to intro me jobs when we come out from NS or uni.

I Love you guys,seriously will miss you guys.

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