cherry shrimps

June 14, 2008 at 3:56 pm Leave a comment

uploading pics now,do stay tune.

the PC show was flooded with people,totally no mood to see or buy anything.actually i am just giving excuses,i need to buy Hard disk to store all my porn and stuff.really no money no talk.

went to pizza hut for lunch cum dinner.student meal sure has its good ordered pan pizza meal.

where i ordered my chicken ole baked rice.SEDAP!

went to KOI garden @ Suntec to chill out.

all the koi really damn fat.we paid 2 bucks just to feed them.the management i think never feed the kois bird kill 2 stone.

something caught our eye in the fish shop near the pond. its ALGAE! its ROUND! its GREEN!


maybe some of you knew of these but to us this is something so cool!read out the Marimo wikipedia link,its amazing how he formed.we decided to drop plan to hoot some clothes from bugis and buy some Marimo and shrimps!

water residue making the whole water dirty.just takes a while before the water settles in becomes clear.

filter come pump.on 24/7!

Light+Tank+Pump+Soil+Plants+Food+4 Cherry Shrimps+2 Marimo = $80++

eating the tablet food.

really that delicious?

THE MARIMOS! damn cute right?can live up to 20 years!

oh ya theres a pregnant one among them.hope it can lay its eggs and reproduce real quickly.

photos thanks to baby!i love you.

waiting for 5 am before going out for cycling and buying breakfast for my mum.its a little bo liao but i wanna do something i never done before =)

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live last gasp

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