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Introducing Smery Tofu!the latest craze in Taiwan.

A Tofu pinching his nose signifies a Smelly Tofu!


i chose the one with an extra Tofu or whatever u call that.more worth it mah,12 bucks for 2 also same price.

but i realised Smery didn’t pinch his nose.its the only one in all the series!

kinda defeats the purpose but who cares,i got 2~

i wanted Smery pinching his nose like that!

check out this website to find out more: Vinyl Pulse

think more or less my Enlistment stuff all get ready already,just miss out body foam i think?maybe i will buy some more underwear tomorrow,all either getting small or have small holes in the ahem parts.

guys,anything u want to buy inside,let me know!


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chicken buffet

i and Colin made a trip down to Dallas Chicken after much hype in HWZ

Buffet for 10 dollas!its like ordering unlimited KFC chicken meals for just 10 bucks,damn worth it!

waiting quote awhile reason being was the first to arrive.

finally was 3 and we can finally start!

not enough sia,ordered more but find ourselves with tummies,then we knew when to stop.

its at china town opposite Hotal 81.will see the hotel when u come up from Chinatown Mrt Station.its worth the trip down.

finish the sanding and scribing of my Virtue,decided to spray internal parts today.

Styrofoam board i bought from Artfriend sometime ago.

broke in smaller pieces

using satay sticks to hold them into position so that paint could dry after air brushing them

2 more days before enlistment,i don’t know how will i behave on Thursday when saying goodbye to Alicia baby.

most likely tears.

i wanna walk Khatib Basar Malam with you!

photo shot @ studio tomorrow,got to sleep earlier,oh wait its already 1.30am.

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the time

yesterday was America Independence Day,since the shipyard at Sembawang beach is an American shipyard,fireworks was not to be missed.damn the Subway in there is closed to the public.super lame.

Lady!show me your face!

She is camera shy for some unknown reason.

ouch,my ears~!~!

I Love You!

Current pull ups completed:5

Days to enlistment:5

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Pasir Ris Pet Farm

Spotted a bird nest at Sembawang CC,anyway i and baby made a trip down to Pasir Ris Animal Farm today!

theres tons of hamsters with babys! the amazing thing is they managed to breed Roborovski which is one of the most difficult breed to breed.super active,wont even let u stroke them and stuffs.too bad photography is not allowed inside the shop.

they sell handphones inside too?

Miniature Schnauzer!

omg so cute sia,maybe the size of my palm only.

feel like just grabbing it,put inside bag and run!

Toy Poodle,can play one?

vegetables made out of Animal’s waste anybody?

damn sian,cannot touch dog,cannot take photograph,ok lor take signboard lor.

Attack of the Aerowana!

again no pictures to be taken!

a White Golden Retriever!damn comfortable,just groomed and blow dry.

i feel dogs life better then a human’ good food,place to play with,mingle with other dogs.

until i saw these:

think its a mixed breed,Jack Russel with maybe another breed.

all these dogs are found on the streets,be it abandoned or stray.can see some has serious skin problems,some a limp,some with 1 ear,some with even 1 eye blind.

had a great day with baby today!thanks!

i love you~

will be going down to house warming tomorrow.

current pull up:4

days left to enlistment:6

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7.50 from NTUC,3 litres,i am going fat!

cant really see them,they are drinking milk from the mother.

baby hamsters only left 4 now,2 died,maybe body weak.

did my spray booth today with he help of alicia baby.

cut a hole so my CPU fan can fit in.saved about half the price of a real exhaust fan.

taped down the fragile wires since i am not gonna touch them.

then the aluminum pipe to the dun wanna inhale thinner and paint when u spray gunpla.

CPU fan attached to the box using tape to tape it down.

i am so hungry now despite eating Sakae Sushi buffet for lunch with baby,damn it don’t care le i am gonna cook a bowl of mee goreng.

fat fat lor,also going in army liao~

oh wait,aint i training now before i going army?

Number of pull up completed :4

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fish pump

surprisingly i woke up early this morning,so i accompanied my mum to have breakfast and then NTUC to get some groceries.omg,i grabbed lots of tidbits,there goes my training.

collected my NYP graduation photos from post office after the postman failed to pass it to me.shall upload it tomorrow.damn i look fugly.

today when to collect my Hiblow 40.struggled to take it home sia,its freaking heavy.

Made In Japan,can be passed down to my grandchildren.

open sesame!

my Air Brush Compressor,actually its no more then a high end fish pump.Fish shops normally use a Hiblow20 to pump oxygen to fish pump can easily accommodate 20+ fish tanks.its one of the leading brand in fish pumps because of its durability,noise-less and can run 24/7 for 10 over years before breaking down.

the pump itself.

Silicon Tubing for connection between the compressor and the Air Brush.

Distributor for air sockets.up to 3 air brushes at the same time.

my camera getting faulty,pictures seems very blur.anyway,all of them together!

test spraying without spray booth.i am so damaging my lungs.

gonna DIY my spray booth tomorrow morning.but how great,i forgot to buy Airbrush holder.

subway cookies so chewy and yummy,but it tastes especially sweet when i eat with my baby~

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