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July 1, 2008 at 5:25 pm Leave a comment

surprisingly i woke up early this morning,so i accompanied my mum to have breakfast and then NTUC to get some groceries.omg,i grabbed lots of tidbits,there goes my training.

collected my NYP graduation photos from post office after the postman failed to pass it to me.shall upload it tomorrow.damn i look fugly.

today when to collect my Hiblow 40.struggled to take it home sia,its freaking heavy.

Made In Japan,can be passed down to my grandchildren.

open sesame!

my Air Brush Compressor,actually its no more then a high end fish pump.Fish shops normally use a Hiblow20 to pump oxygen to fish pump can easily accommodate 20+ fish tanks.its one of the leading brand in fish pumps because of its durability,noise-less and can run 24/7 for 10 over years before breaking down.

the pump itself.

Silicon Tubing for connection between the compressor and the Air Brush.

Distributor for air sockets.up to 3 air brushes at the same time.

my camera getting faulty,pictures seems very blur.anyway,all of them together!

test spraying without spray booth.i am so damaging my lungs.

gonna DIY my spray booth tomorrow morning.but how great,i forgot to buy Airbrush holder.

subway cookies so chewy and yummy,but it tastes especially sweet when i eat with my baby~


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