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my father is gonna be stationed permanent at Australia already.meaning to say he is only going to come back to Singapore on New year.

so i bought 2 webcams so that we can still see each other VIA the net when we are free.

played the webcam with many people,damn funny can,keep changing faces.

if i have time i will upload those snapshots,gonna rush for movies now!

and damn,today is the last day of my long weekend!

been practically busy whole week,friend’s birthday,chalet,shopping.

i love all my friends,and that includes u too Serene!!!!!

MUHAHAHAHA,u freaking lost to a 20 Years Old Botak! =x


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i have a long weekend!!!!!!!!!!

Monday then book in,so that’s 4 days of break!

tomorrow is Jian Ming’s birthday,chicks,here i come!

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the HomeTeamNS at semb is god-like!

usage of swimming pool,jacuzzi and steam room all free of charge!

hope i get tanner after all my spamming of tanning lotion.

didnt really get any rest this weekend,been running and doing physical training every night after basketball session.even gt chased my dogs when i was jogging.

going for airbourne in a month’s time,kinda looking but at the same time afraid of standing at the C1-30 doorstep and leaping off.guess i will just close my eyes and shout till break my lungs.

and ya serene,the see-saw at Montreal Green was broken by yr fat ASS!=x

PS:good or bad,it doesn’t matter,as long it last

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POP parade~

Platoon 2,the coolest platoon ever~

i miss u guys!

its wierd that these guys can actually understand u better then anyone else in your life.considering we only know each other for 2 months.they are friends which can be called true friends.they help u with no strings attached,listen to your problems and bring happiness into yr life.hanging out even after bookout.we even know each other’s pubic size,underwear size etc~

i cant wait to be back with them.see u guys in 1st Commando Battalion if i ever make it there!

for honour and glory,COMMANDO!

for now,booking in time~

PS:finally i kana sun-burnt from swimming!

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swimming tml!

i freaking need to get a gaming PC..

diablo 3,red alert and starcraft 3 coming out~

my sms bill shot up to thousand!

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i am gonna revive this blog…

i thought it over,its time i let bygones be bygones.

i should just accept the reality that she is in one’s hands now

therefore she is taken care of,i just hope she is happy

i need thank many friends around me,too many to name them

thanks for being at my side all these while

will blog during my next bookout!

till then god bless

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