November 9, 2008 at 10:02 am 1 comment


woke up early in the morning today to sent my father off to Australia.

he wont come back to Singapore unless its events like Chinese New Year.this means most probably i would only see him once?the most two times a year.



never been to Terminal 3 since its opening though.



most probably will be flying off to Aussie during my block leave.

my mum is gonna go over to Australia to stay,which means i would be home alone of a LONG LONG time.

anyone want ton at my house feel free alright?door is always open.

this coming friday would be the last week of my course in Nee Soon camp.i seriously like life here,doing PT’s with bunk fact i feel stronger compared to BMT because of my irritating chest injury.

heading over to Pasir Ris Camp to do some stuff after we graduate.until now i don’t even know when is my block leave coming.

Airborne course starting.during BMT i applied for the Aviva insurance,i catered 80% of my death insurance to my parents,20% to my girlfriend.

friends call me stupid,why give girlfriend,later break up how.for me i treat my girlfriend as my family,but apparently i failed at it.

now i am contacting the agent to amend my will in case (TOUCHES WOOD) something happens to be during my parachute jump.all of it would go to my parents.

now my father is like so far away from me,i would never trade my girlfriend if i had one for my family.

PS:finally,i got Facebook account!

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